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Figuring out the underlying cause of inappropriate urination starts with a thorough history and complete physical exam, including a urinalysis that is run right away not sent to the lab to look for crystal formation, blood tests to look for diabetes, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism. There are many reasons your cat might be inappropriately urinating and defecating. Squabbling between cats or a dog, strangers in the home, noise, or a scary event that occurred while they were using the litter box intimidation by another cat or a washing machine buzzer, for example can also be the underlying cause. Two rules of thumb we champion You can never have too many, too large, or too clean litter boxes. They may not like the type of litter tray, the litter material or where the litter tray is located. Do you have a cat with toilet problems? Urine marking is done by unsterilised cats as a way to mark their territory with their scent. Keeping your cat safe and happy at home Aug Medical causes When cats choose somewhere besides their litter boxes to urinate, veterinarians look for health concerns such as such as kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, crystals in the urine a potentially life-threatening situation in male catsbladder stones, or bladder inflammation caused by an infection or even stress.


kendra kouture please ? Or mspandabears ans misskirroyal.




This scene would've been so much better had they not had a whole conversation the entire scene like wtf smh - stfu

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