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Or to put up with. OK benders are mystical warriors who have the ability to control one of the four prime elements through a combination of physical conditioning a specific martial art training for each element and mental preparation remember the spirit and blood bending skills, each of those 2 requires a specific mindset. Luck Post Criteria The monster name must be in the title e. A gang of space pirates that the party encountered at one point. The splatbook "Exemplars of Evil" even features a female Blue Dragon called Boraksaghegirak, aka "Borak the Thunder Tyrant", who developed a taste for sex with human guys after a long and profitable partnership with a wizard it went sour after he tried to magically enslave herresulting in her staking out a territory and building a harem of human men, using her half-dragon sons as her personal elite guard. The midriff-baring rogue in the second-to-last picture would be no less appealing if she covered that up. Wundergeek do you have limitation on how off-topic a comment can be within the topic of this blog before it is inappropriate?


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